I love cooking. Coming up with new recipes is always so fun (especially when they turn out really well). I usually start my recipes sauteing onions and garlic in olive oil- which in my opinion is always a WINNER. This process of course involves dicing an onion; and though I used to dread this part of the process, it now is on of the easiest steps. In this blog post I will outline to you the absolute easiest way to dice an onion- may it save you loads of time and tears (literally though)



Step 1&2:

Prep your Onions by cutting off either end

Step 3:

Peel the outer layer off of the onion

Step 4:

Cut the onion in half from top to bottom

Step 5:

Laying the half of the onion that you just cut flat against the cutting board, cut vertical lines across the entire half of the onion.

Step 6:

Turn the onion around half way, and cut horizontally against the vertical cuts you just made.

And voila! there you have it- a perfectly dices onion.