Let me start this post off by asking you a question. How are those new years resolutions going? If you’re finding it hard to do away with all of those Christmas and New Years sweet treats, I’ve compiled a list of what some of my personal fav healthy”ish”, but still sweet as can be desserts. You’d be surprised how many of these use vegetables we grow right on the farm! (Hint: all of them do) you can also check out our Pintrest page where we have a whole board devoted to sweet, sweet vegetables.


First up we have Beet dark chocolate scones with a pistachio crumble . They are vegan and gluten free and simply because of the fact that they are a scone- are delicious. (recipe and pictures done by “The Green Life”)

Second up we have the classic- The world's best carrot cake- ever! . And I know what you’re thinking- EVERYone claims that their carrot cake is the best.. but this one really is amazing.                  (recipe and pictures done by “Gimme Some Oven”


Third up we have Red velvet freezer fudge. This beautiful looking fudge gets its awesome color from beets! How cool is that. Definitely worth trying. (recipe and pictures done by “Healthy Sweet Eats”

Fourth we have a really great and healthy Gluten Free cauliflower dessert pizza . There is so much yummy and healthy in this recipe at the same time that I can barely stand it 😉 (recipe and pictures done by “Abbey’s Kitchen”


Fifth up we have carrot and beet sorbet … Need I say more? Although this would be even better in the hot months of June and July, this recipe is so yummy! And an awesome way to use the flavors of these vegetables sweetly. (recipe and pictures done by “Handmade Charlotte”)

And finally sixth we have maple cinnamon parsnip chips. This is quite possible my favorite recipe on this post. They are so east to make, and really taste amazing. A great snack for those of us with a sweet tooth. (recipe and picture by “My Whole Food Life”